About Pontiac Agricultural Society


In the house of agriculture there are many rooms --- and we like to think that Shawville Fair is an important room for all to visit, a chance to get back to our rural roots, and learn about where our food REALLY comes from.

PAS is a “society” of up to 30 dedicated, enthusiastic, and hardworking volunteers. These men and women work tirelessly to create a new and improved fair every year.

We are following in very large footprints. Very wise farmers started this event in 1856, with William Clarke as the first President. These men had great foresight, and the will to showcase local livestock. They did all these amazing things in difficult times with manual labour.

It is our duty and responsibility as modern day Directors to continue to dream as our ancestors did and to attend meetings and make informed decisions to improve the future of our Fair.

A brief review of our accomplishments:

  • 1856 - Original land donated by James Shaw. First fair had no building, no media, no show ring. They showed around a large pine stump.
  • Then came horse racing.
  • 1886 - People came from Aylmer on the train
  • 1888 - A very important Stallion Exhibition
  • 1891 – Attendance was 2,300
  • 1898 – Large octagon building designed by Mr. Eady, & built at a cost of $5,000
  • 1909 - Poultry house (20x60) & cattle barn (30x100) were built
  • 1910 - Grandstand built
  • 1960 – Sod turned for the building $113,000 – provided by the society for the community’s use
  • Farmers help manually to build the current arena - and later sold cows and caves to pay off the debt
  • 1965 - three barns burned
  • 1966 – The society agreed to allow artificial ice and hockey boards to be installed
  • 1969 – New horse barn built by members
  • 1972 -  Dairy barn built
  • Train Station Museum moved to the fair grounds
  • 1984 - Kinsmen help the members build a poultry barn
  • 1985 - Fire and destruction of the original Octagon Exhibition Hall
  • 1990 - Chain link fence erected around the perimeter of the fair grounds
  • 1991 – New Exhibition Hall built for $300,000
  • 1992 - New connecting office & washroom built for $139,000
  • 1994 – Buildings completed in time for the fair
  • Arena renewal project
  • 1995 – Created our new & first LOGO
  • 1996 - Poultry barn moved to front of grounds
  • Steer Barn (60 x 75) was built
  • 1995 – Handicraft Hall was built
  • First Firemen’s Challenge
  • 2004 - Bought PPJ property
  • 2006 – 4-H food booth built
  • 2007 – Kilgour farm next to fair grounds bought
  • 2008 - Beginnings of a campground
  • 2014 - Removed Light Horse Barn to make room for New Heavy Horse Barn. Used a tent and new stalls for 2014 Shawville Fair.
  • 2015 - Heavy Horse Barn Built

So as you can see the fair board members continue to improve and rebuild

The fair is only as good as we can make it - and only as good as the people who come to enjoy it!!!!

So if you aren’t having fun yet ----- it is time to begin