President’s Message

Since its first Edition, in 1856, the Fair was held year after year :  WWI, the prohibition, the Crash of ’29, Spanish Flu, WW II and even Bovine Flu could not get us down, but last year’s pause marked us all. It was a time that made us realize the importance of Health in our every day life, so this year, we dedicate the Fair to our Front Line Workers who were there for us all.

This Edition will also mark the 1st step in a conversation that we must have with our 1st Nation neighbours.  This year will be about Truth, the inconvenient truth that we must acknowledge if we are to establish new relations with the Anishinabeg People, caregivers of this unceded Land.  We hope that this weekend will be the start of a fresh new Era for us all.

So, it is with great excitement that the Board of Directors and I are re-launching our Fair for the 165th edition. And, we say “Welcome back, exhibitors, fairgoers and volunteers to the Valley’s Most Family Friendly Fair!”

Go and have fun!


Vaughan Bastien
President Shawville Fair 2021